Q. What is a day and night in the life of Sheena V?

My day starts with a “rise and shine” to an alarm clock waking me at 6 am. I get my 2 girls off to school. I consider myself a crazy hair and makeup guru. Whether it’s a fantasy photo shoot or just doing my kid’s hair for the next day, I love it!

Q. How long have you been a beautician?

I have been doing hair as well as makeup since I was 13. I remember arching my friend’s eyebrows with Nair and doing my granny’s hair with Clairol’s boxed color. Back then, I was the neighborhood beautician before I knew it.

Q. What is your preferred style of art?

My favorite style of art…. Let’s see, l love art so dearly I can’t pinpoint one style. I guess you would just say I’m anti-realism. Art to me is a fantasy getaway that can be anything you want it to be.

Q. Are there any products you look forward to working with in the near future?

I am super excited about working with body paint! Can you imagine Lady Gaga meets Erykah Badu in the form of colors? Some just won’t understand!

Q. Being the Lead Beauty Rep for The Loop Mag, can you share some experiences and how it all came together?

Being the lead Beauty Rep for The Loop Mag is literally everything! Over the years I have been able to find myself artistically through The Loop. It was the first place that I could express myself artistically however I wanted. I really can’t put this into words how these things come together but ill try…. It usually starts in a think tank with my Creative Director. Kyron and l just bounce ideas off of each other until we’re both shouting with excitement. We start to paint pictures of a shoot in our minds then combining them. Once ideas are on our board, We tell each other how crazy and amazing we are. By the time we complete a shoot, I usually have a headache from being so charged about bringing the ideas to life. I’ll never forget the time we came up with the “Shattered”  shoot featured in this issue. Talk about hype! It’s truly one of my favorite images of my work thus far. I think I say that every time The loop Mag team creates together.

Q.How extreme do you plan to express your ideas and talents in today’s beauty market?

We are the loop! We are past extreme. Just stay tuned! This shoot was just a taste of how extreme the future of my art will be.

Q.How was it working on this project? What came to mind when you saw the 3D printed pieces by CA Smalls Designs?

This project was dope!  We had the CA Smalls works of art for a bit before we set the shoot. Kyron and I both got such a strong energy from these pieces so I went “Warrior” with hair and makeup. This was straight from the raw heart. I adore this shoot !!


Christopher Smalls  | 3D Printer Jewelry Designer

Q. What inspired you to get into 3D printing and when did you start?

My first experience with 3D printing was during my Undergrad at Winthrop University, in Rock Hill, SC. Although it was a part of my Degree requirement, I realized that is was the technology component in my art that I was looking for. I was captivated in 2013 and I haven’t looked back.

Q.What are some capable materials which can be used for 3D printing?

3D printing is practically limitless! It can utilize plastic, glass, sugar, resin and much more. It’s really amazing! I feel like every day when I check my Facebook feed there is a development the 3D printing technology.

Q.What are some products you feel most interested in creating and branding on a wide scale?

Jewelry and body adornment, in general, has always interested me! I’m particularly interested in headpieces, nose rings, collars, and cuff. Those are my “go to” forms that really enjoy making.

Q.What industries can you see utilizing 3D printing in the near future?

3D printing is already used in most industries including the dental and jewelry industries. 3D printing and its prerequisite digital modeling also known as CAD (Computer Aided Design) are used in the design and model making the process for most products today. These products include cars, furniture, architecture, electronics, and apparel.

Q.What can we expect from your designs in the future with projects or collaborations?

Currently, I am working as a CAD designer in Charlotte designing more commercial jewelry such as engagement rings and special occasion jewelry.  I also work remotely designing for clients in Los Angles and Miami. Honestly, I can’t wait to create new one kind piece for events, photography, and runway. In my free time, I am developing a line of 3D printed jewelry that can be worn in everyday life; Similar pieces are currently available on my website.

Q.Where can your products be found?

Photographer  Lucien E @thelucien  |  Styled by  Kimmie A &  Earl Dobbins  | Creative Director  Kyron B 
Models  Jayla Hankins  |  Amber Lynette    |     Sheena Vandiver | M U A

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    This interview was not only insightful but the images were jaw dropping! As a creative I admire every aspect of the piece and the work that went into this shoot.The Loop Mag, you all are on a freaking roll! Don’t stop!

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