Aubrey Busek the Brand

Aubrey Busek the Brand

In these vibrant times of fashion, we look to find genuine designers who make broad statements in everyday society. Throughout our task to locate the perfect featured line-up , We had the chance to cover the work of the amazing Aubrey Busek! Aubrey has traveled to Germany, Spain and currently has clothing being sold in stores overseas. She currently has material on the market in Ibiza since July 2016.

Aubrey is a Winston Salem,North Carolina native. We met her covering the runway during one of the cities most elite fashion associations, Charlotte Seen. This designers direction of work is quite the phenom!  Aubrey spent some recent time in Atlanta Georgia and is now back in her home State. We asked Aubrey her take on the Carolinas fashion market …

”I think its interesting because there is a lot of women here in the Carolinas. I would say it would be a goal to get women out of there southern box. I love and enjoy the southern female esthetic because its feminine and sexy but they’re in a box and I would love to see them explore”.

Relocating to Charlotte, Aubrey had just recently went full time in her brand. She worked jobs in her industry which to her benefit has added comfort in experience to finally taking “The Leap”. “I worked for a woman who owns a really upscale lingerie boutique in South Park. I loved the experience because I actually got to see how someone who owns a small store buy’s clothing. It seem’s they look at they’re customer very intimately.

“ I design for a real woman. Im not just interested in runway or presentation. It’s all about making clothes that a real woman wants to buy. So thats the idea. How to push boundaries yet still keep it appropriate for an average customer. I attended Savanna College of Art & Design . In school, I had a lot of flak for that. I was told my clothes were too wearable, too pretty. But it’s my goal to make pieces that boutiques would want to buy.”

We love the cloth Aubrey is cut from as well as what she stands for… “ The ethical side of fashion is very important to me. I don’t work with any leathers or furs. I’ve been a vegetarian for over 10 years. I think it shows people that fast fashion is bad fashion. Ethical made clothes are happy clothes that make people feel beautiful and won’t destroy the environment. Im trying to do a good thing, not just make clothing for selfish reasons. I use all natural fibers, cottons, linens, and silk . I do use wool but I try my hardest to source it. Being very careful and looking into those sources.”

Aubrey Designs for a powerful, Diverse woman which can span across cultures to inspire empowerment. “ I would say my style icons would be Michelle Obama and Victoria Beckham. They are flawless in maintaining feminine quality while remaining powerful. Which is what my brand is all about. Im Not interested in over sexuality. I’d like a woman to be sexy because of elegance. To be respected not objectified. Somewhat like a princess…but not stuffy. More like a princess on her day off.”

The featured line displayed in our production is from her spring  2017 collection. With a recent trip to Norway, Aubrey expressed how the trip over seas inspired the new line.

“I enjoyed the people of Norway. They’re so relaxed and care free. I enjoyed they’re way of life and I feel there’s something to be learned by the American people. This inspired me to jump out of my norm. I jumped into colors I wouldn’t normally use and trying   more date wear silhouettes. I normally focus on what I call cocktail apparel”.

My comfort zone is earthly colors because they flatter any skin tone and they look good on anyone. The color pallet chosen displays lots of primary colors. Dark red and blues. I even went with a stark white. One piece I’m really excited about is my blue trench coat with pearl embellishments. I also love my red wool peplum dress with pearl embellishments . I design my own Textiles. I used a beautiful print of a water color painting. It’s very bold and abstract. Definitely an artsy feel”.

We agree this line is filled with “show stopper pieces “ . This line displays what Aubrey calls a “ Work friendly wardrobe… Whimsical “ !

We hope you jump into the fascinating design of Aubrey Busek and be sure to follow her brand from the runway to your dressing quarters!


Written by Kyron B    |   Styled by  Aubrey Busek & Kimmie A   |   Camera  Lucien E   |   Video  Ray Thomas  |   MUA/Hair  Sheena V    |   Models  Kristin Armani & Tara Corinne   |    Creative Director Kyron B


Aubrey Busek SS17 Promo

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