Coca Cola Tribute

Coca Cola Tribute

Clothing provided by Butteroni’s Emporium  |  Photo  Lucien E  |  Makeup/Hair  Sheena V  |  Styled by Kimmie A   |  Creative Director Kyron B

Models  Valerie Cullen  |  Amber Lynette  |  Avery  Jucksch


Written by Kyron B

Coca Cola Tribute


From American natives to worldly soda fans, there’s nothing as popular as your classic Coca-Cola Company. Coca-Cola was invented in 1886 by pharmacist John Pemberton known as “Doc”. John Served in the civil war and once he returned home he made several attempts at having his inventions discovered. Many of Pemberton’s inventions failed until 1886.

He hit a possible winner with his new soda pop invention. His partner Frank M. Robinson suggest they named this new invention “Coca Cola” . So it was set , Trademarking a solid bold print logo using a Spencerian Script Font. Coca-Cola Is Born!

Now recently recorded revenue in its 100 year Anniversary for the glass bottle , The monster corporation reaches $44.294 Billion in 2015. The Coca-Cola Company first bottled in Vicksburg Mississippi. Charlotte has had the privilege to have our own Coca-Cola bottling location as well as neighboring power cities such as Atlanta Georgia. Atlanta Has housed the Coca-Cola Museum in 1990. The museum exhibits over 100 different beverages.

The Coca-Cola brand has been a part of the American household for over a century as one of the longest lasting soda companies. “Oh, the rumors”… of Coca-cola being originally green in color or the company using cocaine as an early ingredient in its development seemed to not slow them down one bit.

The Coca-Cola company has displayed some of the most memorable advertisements ever. we can remember lots of celebrity musicians, actors, and holiday masterpieces from decade to decade. Hilltop “I’d like to buy the world a coke today” was a classic to name one, which debut in 1977.

We’ve had the privilege to own our vintage Coca Cola bottles of classics to create a treat in tribute to our American Brand Pop.

1983  NCAA Champions – NC State Wolf Pack

1977  75th Anniversary Bottle 

1981  Clemson National Champions




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