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Q: Alien Outfitters is a very unique and well-needed brand, When and how did you birth the idea?

A: Thank you! The birth of came from a series of mistakes which oddly enough led me on this extraterrestrial journey of unordinary success. As a kid born in the 90s, the internet has helped myself along with many of my colleagues find work. The ideas and inspiration for the clothing are simply reflections of my true self. We all tend to get our minds in the gutter every now and then, but mine tends to live there. 

Q: We have noticed the recent name change from Moon Cult, Is there a story behind that?

A: The transition from The Moon Cult to Alien Outfitters was not an easy one, but a smart one. The Moon Cult was the name of my original Etsy shop when I was solely hand making products. Now that we have grown to an online retail store, it made much more sense to change the name along with the change of our business. I think Alien Outfitters is a much more clear representation of who we are and will continue to be.

Q: What would you say is an overall best seller for your brand?

A: Asides from clothing, our best sellers range from d⊗⊗dos to weapons. 

Q: How was it collaborating with the phenomenal Couture Mask?

A: Collaborating with Couture Mask was a dream come true. The best part was hand picking the colors and materials for the mask so that we could have the unique outcome possible.

Q: Is there any particular region or area you feel gravitates more towards your brand?

A: The US and Canada are where we receive the majority of our sales. Followed by Great Britain and Australia. 

Q: “Girl Power” is a very strong movement in today’s fashion world… Is there any near future collaboration with other female brands?

A: Our future collaborations are top secret but we definitely inspire to work with Nasty Gal one day!  

Q: What do you feel the fashion market in Charlotte needs to gain a “Big city” feel?

A: Being born and raised in Charlotte, I love this city. It’s turning into such a melting pot and I ‘m finally seeing more “aliens” gravitate to this area. I feel the fashion market here in North Carolina needs to be much more open-minded before we see more of a big city feel.

Q: Where can shoppers find your product?

A: Our products are only available at

Q: Is there a chance Alien Outfitters will bring an event to Charlotte for fans to enjoy an “out of this world “experience?

A: I believe our following is much more of an international experience. There was a time I put a little too much effort into local projects and found that my energy was better spent on the internet rather than in person. You learn to work smarter, not harder. All in all, I cherish each physical and cyber experience that has led to the growth of the brand.

~Servicing you with all of your extraterrestrial needs~

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