Our team loves media and industry invites to fashion events. Theres no feeling like it ! We grabbed the opportunity to head over to “Find your perfect fit “ . This event was thrown by Banana Republic , South Park Mall. Banana’s management team invited Bloggers ,Stylists, and Fashion media to their store for a day of Style. We arrived and I must say, It felt good to switch positions to  “ Be styled “  When normally we’re the ones doing the styling.

We worked with Marjory Brifil and Beth Scrimgeour of Banana. They were our stylists . Marjory was amazingly knowledgable with body build , look and the taste of a client. We really enjoyed her expertise. She did an amazing job with our model and made it very easy to capture these looks. Banana Republic gifted attendees with a free Pant giveaway and we chose the ‘Traveler Pants’ for men. They are cut with a slim fit and soft light texture which is “ The Perfect Fit “ for a spring jean. Popular Fashion Bloggers and Charlotte Stylists who also joined were the amazing Melissa Latin of “Charlotte Fashion Plate” and Nina J of”Styled by Nina” . It was day to enjoy and we can assure you to run down to Banana and browse they’re new spring lines.







Styled by Marjory Brifil & Beth Scrimgeour  |  Camera Jeff Hendricks  | Model  Megan Grier  | Creative Director Kyron B

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