Nyoni Couture

Nyoni Couture


Uptown Charlotte has desired the need of high capacity travelers in town for work purposes. Mens designer and tailored suits are high demand in todays fashion world. There is nothing like the perfect suit! We finally have the place to quench all of your needs for many occasions. Nyoni Couture is located in the uptown area of Charlotte on Graham Street. It has been the finest way to “Dress “ the inner city street. With so many varieties to offer, Nyoni Couture has displayed many tasteful ensemble’s on the cities most important runways including Plitz fashion’s International fashion Week ! We produced an amazing display on what to expect visiting the hottest male choices uptown …. Nyoni has filled the boutique with a new shoe line he has accomplished with Bismack Biyombo ! There is much to enjoy so take spin uptown and experience Nyoni Couture !

Most major cities have Men stores that carry unique clothes that appeal to the modern man. I did some research and realized that most fashion conscious men in Charlotte were traveling to New York, Atlanta and other cities to buy clothes, I felt obligated to bring good quality clothing to the city t0 help fill the gap. As one of the fastest growing cities in the US, I believed that the men in Charlotte needed an affordable alternative to the high end Brands. A place where they can get good quality custom and ready to wear clothing without compromising quality, fit and style. My retail store in Charlotte has been opened for 2 years now.

As a young student growing up in my native Liberia I looked forward to what we called “Color Day”. In Liberia all schools wore uniform back then. Some Fridays were set-aside for students to wear regular clothes to school. I took pride in what I wore and spend extra time preparing my clothes for those color days. My ability to put colors together earned me a reputation which later transcended into me been who I am today. I was bold and unafraid to try new things.

Nyoni couture strives to carry unique clothes that make a man stand out. We focus on the quality of the fabric, fit and style. Our customers are the focus of the whole merchandising process. We only buy what we envision will make a customer happy and confident. My ideal customers are Business executives and anyone who desires to be successful, given that ,attire speaks volume about an individual! However my main audience is the average Bloke (British for man/guy) who desires to captivate a room when they enter.

My Clothing is manufactured in Europe. As we all know , Europeans are very stylish when it comes to men’s fashion. That’s why prefer European manufactures. I love their quality, style and cuts. I wear a lot . I will be adding African prints to my collection this summer, blending African fabrics with the European Style.

My advice to any man would be always dress to impress ! Your first impression is very important. Never be afraid to bend the rules by trying new things.I would also say men make the misty of wearing clothes that are not properly fitted. The fit can completely change the look of clothes. Every man should own the functional Navy Blazer. It can easily be dressed up or down.



325 N Graham St. Charlotte NC 28202


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