Pol Kurucz’s Uncovers photo series is a Franco-Russo-Brazilian co-production that pokes fun at conventional magazine covers. Rather than posing to sell, the Uncovers models follow their own aesthetic and behavioral norms to tell a colorful story. Uncovers wants the fashion-savvy crowds to reflect on conventionalism and the lack of freedom in the representation of women in commercial publications.

The shootings took place in Rio de Janeiro and São Paulo during Pol’s transition phase from the fine art world to the more polished and glamorous universe of fashion magazines. The series was a delicate balancing act between the amazement, the deep respect and the irony that the fashion industry inspires to the photographer.
        This unpublished photo series will  be part of Pol Kurucz’s upcoming 2017-2018 exhibitions:

The next series will include Glam Jail (eight female fashionistas glamorizing a prison visitor booth), Hair Stories (visual hair styles allegories), Bus to Nowhere (an urban tale of human interactions inside a bus gone mad), and Femiticians (a project portraying women who steal the roles of male politicians).

The Photographer
Pol Kurucz was born with two names from a French mother in a Hungarian hospital. His childhood hyperactivity was treated with theater, and theater came to be treated as a business. At 27, he was a CEO by day and a stage director by night. He has taken many trips to Bahrain and Brazil, visiting sites from private islands to slums. He has skimmed the waters of the adult entertainment industry and of militant feminism.  He opened a bar that made a profit on the ground floor and took a loss on the artistic projects underground. Suddenly, his identity died of absurdity.
Pol was reborn in 2015, fusing his contradictory lives in one where absurdity made sense. Today he works in eccentric fashion and art project in Rio de Janeiro and São Paulo. His work was published in over 100 magazines and newspapers including: The Guardian (Arts), ELLE, Vogue, Glamour, Hunger TV, Adobe Create, Sleek, Nylon, Beaux Arts Magazine etc. 


Photographer and art director: Pol Kurucz (France)
Styling: Natasha Sync (Russia)
Designers / Brands: Davi Ramos, Fernando Conzedey, Sri Clothing, Wallace Barros, Vitor Zerbinato, Fetisso
Set design: Mary Cruz, Lara Ferro
Casting: Tamires Melo, Carollyna Melo
Hair and Makeup: Fernando Haddad, Will Vieira, Diego Américo
Coordination: Tamires Melo
Technical Assistance and Lighting: Gui Griebler, Lucas Stirling

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