Charlotte Fashion Week 2017 | Emerging & Recyclable Designer Runway Show

Myself and the team attended Charlotte Fashion Week for the “Emerging & Recyclable Designer Runway Show”. Charlotte seen’s 7th annual extravaganza was held on Sept 28th,. You could not have asked for a more beautiful venue than the Embassy Suites Uptown Charlotte! The ballroom, where the show was held, was spacious, luxurious, and gorgeous! The producer of the show, Rita Miles, look stunning in a sleek black dress with gold detail in front. In V.I.P (front row) you were treated to up close looks from twelve emerging designers. 

It began with designs from Beijuh Shah, which were filled with bold colors like teal, combinations of blue and gold. Every piece was elegant, sleek, and accessorized with bold jewelry throughout. I was in love! 

Jada’s Tutu Shop, a boutique for children, was filled with sassy, edgy, and fun pieces. The runway was taken over by adorable children sporting neon tulle tutus. Some held hands, some sashayed, and a few even twirled! The children seemed to have as much fun walking the run way as the crowd did watching them!

Other designers like D.S Designs, featured textures such as velvet and leather which are huge for this fall’s season. They’re brand also blended blush tones in their looks which I found to work great with each other.

Savannah Martin included metallics, prints, ruffles, and breezy fabrics. Her line can be very flexible and displayed on various occasions.
Maira Maia included designs using pinks, florals, and ruffles. This Line was very soft yet bold in appearance.

Hands down, one of my favorite designs of the night was Emerald Onyx! I have seen them once before and they never fail to disappoint! There was a red ensemble with a faux fur stahl -I was in awe of! As well as lacy jumpsuits, incredible silhouettes, sheer fabrics, and bold jewelry. I don’t think there was anything in their collection I didn’t love!

The second half of the show was also brilliant. The Recyclable Designers. The creativity displayed in this showcase was unreal!  endless ideas beyond imagination. These displays are sure to inspire our creatives of the future!

All of these designs were made out of recyclable material. Anything from garbage bags to aluminum foil! Many of the looks were very Lady Gaga esque .There was one dress and incredible head piece made out of aluminum foil. Also a wedding dress made completely out of plastic plates, spoons and fork accents. It sounds crazy but it was unbelievable. Emily Kramer was one of my all time favorites! The top half was a strapless, almost a corset looking piece. The skirt was a high-low piece which was just stunning! It is something I’d love to wear! These displays are sure to inspire our creatives of the future!

It was an incredible evening, with some incredible fashions. I am very much looking forward to more from these designers!

Written By Reagan Vanderhill
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Camera Lucien Edwards Sr
Location Embassy Suites Uptown Charlotte NC

Beijul Shah
Jenny Funes
Noelle B Designs
“Joyce Lagroone / Jadas Tutu Shop”
DS Designs
Savannah Martin
Little Royals
Livy Lu’s
Maira Maia
Lawrence Allen
Monique Trevon
Emerald Onyx

Recyclable Designer Competition
Malou Cordery / Opera Carolina / THE MARRIAGE OF FIGARO
Emily Kramer / Opera Carolina / RIGOLETTO
Lyndsee Hairston / Opera Carolina / CYRANO DE BERGERAC
Italia Flores & Maria F Gallardo
Sara Ward
Malou Cordery / Creative Design
Noelle B Designs
Julia Turner
Monica Stanton
Venie Tadeo
Giovana and Daliana
Italia Flores & Maria F Gallardo
Jamye Schofield
Sterling K. Walker
Ebony Henderson
Elisa Lopez
Sweet T. Flowers

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