Butteroni’s Emporium

Butteroni’s Emporium

Q: What inspired you to create your brand?

A: I am a creative; I attended FIT in NYC and find inspiration from all forms of art. Butteroni’s has enabled me to bundle up all of my interests and plug in the wonderful bits and pieces surrounding me.

Q: Who is your targeted shopper?

A: People that appreciate one of a kind piece, handcrafted items, and the arts.

Q: What are some brands you carry and which are the most demanded?

A: Debbie Davis Designs, Cedar, Butteroni’s Clothing, Lori Love scarves, Pogo & Spot, Cedar and Debbie Davis Designs are very popular. The garments are all unique and one of a kind and Lori Love scarves are a favorite.

Q: Aside from clothing and accessories, what other products can a shopper find at Butteroni’s Emporium?

A: Butteroni’s proudly offers hand made. All natural soaps and skin care products, jewelry by several local designers, funky pillows, the gentlemen’s beard and mustache products, amazing pottery, an incredible assemblage of local two-dimensional art, fairy figurines and accessories and the BEST Dang coffee and teas in town!!!

Q: How is the experience branding your company in the rapidly growing Noda area?

A: I believe I’m responsible for bringing positivity to all experiences. NoDa is a fun, eclectic neighborhood that is ready for a retail space that celebrates different! It’s an exciting time.

Q: Do you have any future plans for your brand?

A: Always! Something around the corner and coming soon as we expand our clothing portfolio. It’s a living process and I will continue to refine and tweak things.

Q: Are there any additional activities involving your brand for the community our viewers may want to know about?

A: Butteroni’s stays pretty busy. In addition to all of the wonderful local art we carry, we offer Children’s Fairy Parties. Butteroni’s also opens its doors to small craft classes and gatherings.

Q: We Hear you have many other talents you express in your spare time. What are some other cool things to share with you?

A: I’ve always said I have Art ADD…lol… I love so many different things. I have to try them all. I like pushing myself, and exploring. Singing is something I truly enjoy and absolutely have to do. I’m a Mother to a beautiful little girl. I’ve dabbled in theater/acting and photography. Created The Hugging Documentary and feel best when I make people smile and bring happiness…

Q: How was your experience working with our team?

A: I had a great time working with the Loop Mag Team. I feel connected and have new friends!


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