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In the rapid growth of the New South, The city of Charlotte, North Carolina is undoubted latest crave. Charlotte’s masks is viewed as a melting pot of many cultures combined forming this great city. As the incoming population grows, it thrives for new entertainment, art, and desires each newcomer needs to maintain. We had the pleasure of capturing a wild card ! Adriana Sharpe is an intriguing artists who this city has  great privilege to neighbor. We first encountered Adriana at an art Event in 2013 . She performed a live display at the venue Canvas , Located uptown Charlotte, immediately she kept our attention. So we had no choice but to give you a treat !

Adriana was born in the city of Portoviejo , Ecuador. Young Adriana started with great attachment to her parents and recalls to encounter so many moments which molded her inspirations to become the artists she is today. With great passion for family , young Adriana soaked in all knowledge her parents had to offer her at a young age. Her Father was a marine who shared lots of wisdom with his daughter. Adriana’s father went away for two years returning with markers and artistic tools for his undiscovered daughters talent. She immediately used them and painted as early as the age 5. “An artists was born”…! Along with her father , was her mom which use to take her hand and lead her to church. The Churches structure which they attended was a cathedral. The character of the cathedral struck Adrianna’s attention. There was a painting of an archangel. “ I went home and took some charcoal, used it to paint. I wanted to express what i saw . It did something to me “  Adriana admired the iconic humanitarian painter from Ecuador, Oswaldo Guayasamin. “ I learned so much from his work. Once he died …. I stopped painting.” So she looked into a sport which was basketball !

“ I see these girls engaging in this sport of basketball. I did long jump in school, so I figured I could be good at this sport cause I can jump.” She currently attended accounting school … Yes, at age 10 !  At the time she didn’t like this school she attended. It just so happens someone saw her play basketball and offer to train her to play better. This would be an opportunity to change. Adriana preferred to be in a social science school. So this opportunity was perfect at this time! “I ate, drank and slept basketball !”

“Overall, I feel like my talents came from my culture.“ Adriana was very advanced for her age. Music also “Contaminated“ her. The US Marine band travels the world performing and of corse, her dad was a marine. “he loved them, so did I“ . “ From a young age, I had an issue being entertained by people. So these moments of music and art captivated my focus. It excited me.”

At age 19 , Adriana Sharpe relocates to the states. She resided in Waxaw NC. My parents treated like gold. So …They gave me gold so it can help me later in life.

She came to America with ambition to make a way. She used her Gift of gold to trade for money when needed but still holds on to sentimental pieces her parents gave her.

Adriana is an Abstract Expressionist artists. “ I’ve been expressing others through my art for a long time in my paintings, so now i express myself ! “ Eventually I became a commission’s artist.  We asked Adriana about her form of the arts and to no surprise she had so much to offer. She has touched so many sides of art. Express the art of breaking , Singing and painting, “A true B. Girl.”

She currently has been working for the well established Beauty product company Lance as a MUA. She has recently soared in the company by displaying her art as theme decor’ at a Lancome event for National Make Up Artist Ricardo Costales. “I thought that was pretty huge “…

Adrianna Sharpe has received great feedback from Charlotte selling lots of commission art. I learned how to mass produce and market myself in Charlotte .I actually was able to support myself for a while off of the Charlotte market”. Adrianna shown and sold her pieces in NY, LA, Belgium, and Ecuador . “I started receiving notoriety when I showed for Fred Torres Gallery in New York “. Adriana Sharpe is constantly doing shows and sell’s her art on social media as well.

As you can see, She has a great appearance on camera . Adriana has been asked by many to model … We have had the great experience of her giving us her magic off canvas! Come to find out , She has a great deal of experience as a photographer! WHAT CAN’T SHE DO!

Adrian Sharpe is Currently developing a new collection. “ I want to express vibrant colors by the influence of what I see. I also want to do a series with my cigarettes and banana’s. I am currently working on my landscapes and millennials. I want to get into painting what I see or for someone to see life my way. The world can be seen in so many ways. Filters Off! I just want to get raw as possible.” Art is just a story which she plans to tell her way !

“It was a wonderful experience to work with The Loop Mag ! You guys are so creative and i love your passion for Art ! “ ~ Adriana Sharpe

Please stay tuned for this phenomenal person and Artists !

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Written by Kyron B | Camera Lucien E | Styled by Adriana S & Kimmie A



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